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aroTHERM plus air source heat pump 3.5kW

Air-to-water heat pump

  • Quiet operation makes it suitable for use in densely built-up terraced housing estates
  • Particularly powerful – with a flow temperature of up to 75°C
  • Suitable for all applications
  • Super low GWP due to natural refrigerant
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Discover Vaillant’s aroTHERM plus air source heat pump system. The aroTHERM plus uses the natural refrigerant, R290 to achieve higher flow temperatures of up to 75°C. Suitable for all applications, this air source heat pump can use existing radiators and operates down to -25°C.

The aroTHERM plus provides a powerful yet efficient heating and hot water system that is suitable for many types of properties. Depending on the customer's requirements, there is a selection of indoor units available.

The uniTOWER is an integrated 190 litre cylinder with hydraulic components which can easily provide sufficient hot water for the needs of a family of five, including the use of rain showers. Thanks to its space-saving dimensions, the system is the perfect choice for new buildings. The uniTOWER is about the size of a fridge freezer and saves valuable space in the room where it's installed.

If your customer has a high hot water demand, the aroTHERM plus can be used together with a wall-mounted hydraulic station and a wide range of accessories. This includes the uniSTOR heat pump cylinders and buffer tanks.



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  • Neat and compact system solution
  • The perfect DHW partner for aroTHERM plus
  • Safe and easy transportation
  • Easy to service
  • This product is designed to work seamlessly with the aroTHERM plus and is only sold as part of a pack



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