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Be ready for the energy change with aroTHERM plus air source heat pump

The aroTHERM plus is Vaillant's next generation monobloc air-to-water heat pump. Using the natural refrigerant, R290, the aroTHERM plus is one of the most eco-friendly and efficient heat pumps on the market with an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3.

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aroTHERM plus features and benefits

Low energy consumption

As one of the most efficient heat pumps on the market, the aroTHERM plus is able to provide energy savings with a SCOP up to 5.03

Suitable for retro-fit and new build

The aroTHERM plus is ideal for use with underfloor heating, radiators and fan coils

Super quiet operation

Sound power as low as 54 dB(A) for easier planning and siting, making it suitable for use in densely built-up terraced housing estates

Low Global warming potential (GWP)

aroTHERM plus uses monobloc technology with a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit using natural refrigerant R290 to deliver the one of the lowest GWP of 3

Quality by design

Suitable for installations less than 150m away from the sea with salt resistant construction C5 class

High hot water comfort

aroTHERM plus can provide up to 25% more usable hot water with a 75°C flow temperature, setting the flow to this maximum temperature for hot water means that an electric immersion heater for legionella protection isn't necessary

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R290 leaflet

Download the R290 leaflet for more information

R290 refrigerant

Setting new standards in the heating market has been Vaillant tradition for years. Now we are leveraging our expertise to help protect the climate – by introducing the natural refrigerant R290 for our heat pump product range.

It has clear advantages over alternative refrigerants: approx. 75% less filling quantity is needed; it has low (Global Warming Potential) GWP and provides significant product benefits for your customers.

The aroTHERM plus is designed to operate at a low flow temperature in line with MCS installation standards. The ideal heat pump flow temperature should range between 35-55°C.

It can reach a higher flow temperature but this is only for DHW production and for Legionella control.

Three approaches to a new system solution

aroTHERM plus and uniTOWER

aroTHERM with hydraulic module

aroTHERM plus with heat pump interface

aroTHERM plus and uniTOWER

Launching alongside the aroTHERM plus is the uniTOWER integrated hot water cylinder and hydraulic components. For a quick and easy install the uniTOWER is pre-wired. The compact solution acts as the central point of the system and has a 190-litre cylinder to deliver 25% more hot water. Together the system can be connected in a day and has an ErP efficiency of A+++, the highest rating available.

aroTHERM with hydraulic module

The aroTHERM plus installed with the brand-new hydraulic module can provide heating and hot water (when installed with a uniSTOR heat pump cylinder) to all property sizes. The hydraulic module containing the heat pump interface, expansion vessel, back-up heater and integrated divertor valve can direct the heat to either radiators or connected cylinder to provide hot water.

aroTHERM plus with heat pump interface

The heat pump interface has been part of Vaillant indoor portfolio for over five years. Acting as the brain of the heat pump system, the heat pump interface is designed for simple and hybrid systems, to be installed alongside back-up heaters, divertor valves and other heat pump accessories.

Suitable applications

The aroTHERM plus has been designed to suit all applications within the retrofit, social housing, new build and commercial sectors. With low running costs and eligible for RHI, the aroTHERM plus can also work in conjunction with existing boilers to provide a hybrid system for the ‘hard to heat homes’, with the heat pump taking the majority of the heat load reducing reliance on fossil fuels and emissions. The high efficiency and hot water performance ensure the aroTHERM plus is suitable for new build properties, and as a low carbon heating system, the appliance is ready for the 2025 government legislation. Furthermore, up to seven heat pumps can be cascaded for larger domestic and commercial properties and is suitable for coastal areas, the blue-fin coating on the product protects the heat pump from any corrosion.

Vaillant Soundbox

Vaillant carried out in-depth research into sound frequencies and vibrations to ensure that the unit operates at the least invasive frequency to the human ear. Through investment in quality insulation, vibration dampeners and a highly efficient invertor, the aroTHERM plus is ultra-quiet during operation. With sound power as low as 54 dB (A) (equivalent to a modern combination boiler), the aroTHERM plus is suitable for homes in densely built-up terrace estates, limiting noise pollution for homeowners and their neighbours.

'Listen' to the silence for yourself

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