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The Original Remastered

Hydrogen prepared*. Smart home ready. Experience the next level of engineering.

The ecoTEC plus is a true original. It’s a benchmark for domestic boilers that has pride of place in our range, and the hearts of installers and homeowners.

The new ecoTEC plus is the product of hours of research and development, years of expertise and innovation and a series of fine, precise improvements that have sharpened, intensified and enhanced performance specifically for the UK market. It’s the boiler you know and love, taken to the next level.


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*Our first product range, incorporating new technology, which has been independently certified to operate with up to 20% hydrogen and other blended gas mixtures, preparing the product should the UK Government decide that these fuels have a role to play in our future energy mix.

Stand-out features of the new ecoTEC plus

Smart Home Ready

The ecoTEC plus works alongside the new plug-and-play myVAILLANT connect internet gateway, for easy connection with most Vaillant controls, app connectivity and smart-home integration in minutes.

Refined layout

The familiar ecoTEC plus layout has been refined and updated based on feedback from our installers. The enhanced internal layout with easy access to all major components makes maintenance and servicing even more effortless.

Watch the video here

Enhanced control

The new interface mirrors our senso range of controls, allowing for effortless first time installation and set up, with guided commissioning, set up wizard and easy to follow navigation at your fingertips.

Watch the video here

Effortless installation

Retaining the same case dimensions, boiler footprint, flue position and pipe connections makes for an effortless like-for-like swap from its predecessor. Watch the video here

Heightened performance

Vaillant’s new innovative ionisation technology constantly monitors gas quality for most efficient combustion, less wear and tear and most effective performance. The ecoTEC plus is hydrogen prepared and ready to work with a 20% hydrogen blend. Watch the video here

Fine tuned intelligence

The latest internal communication technology allows the ecoTEC plus to collect performance data on key system components, whilst adapting and managing the performance of the whole heating system to assist future product development and enhancements. Watch the video here

Unlock smart home integration

The new ecoTEC plus takes connectivity to a whole new level. Paired with our new plug-and-play internet gateway, myVAILLANT connect, it enables app control, smart home integration and remote appliance care and support in minutes, for increased efficiency and first-class customer service.

Smart Home Ready

myVAILLANT connect gateway



Smart Home Ready

The new Smart Home Ready ecoTEC plus integrates seamlessly into a smart home, enabling complete control of your heating via Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit and our easy-to-use myVAILLANT app.

What’s more, it unlocks a whole new level of remote appliance care, support, and energy optimisation for your customers, for increased efficiency, first-class customer service and even more peace of mind.

myVAILLANT connect gateway

The myVAILLANT connect internet gateway is our new plug-and-play solution, giving all Vaillant appliances the ability to seamlessly integrate into the homeowners smart home system. Simple one cable connection allows for easy installation with our new ecoTEC plus range of boilers. Unlock the full potential and efficiency of the appliance through more reliable, secure and stable digital service solutions.


Simple to use. Simple to install. Our sensoROOM control is designed with simplicity in mind. When paired with the myVAILLANT connect internet gateway, the sensoROOM will provide an elegant and modern smart control solution for your customers, complete with an intuitive interface, app connectivity and internet weather compensation data.


Available as a wireless room thermostat and utilising Vaillant’s eBUS communication protocol, when installed as part of a Vaillant heating system, the control will take full advantage of enhanced load compensation to modulate the Vaillant heating system. When paired with the myVAILLANT connect internet gateway, your customer will also be able to control their heating via the myVAILLANT app.

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By partnering with Vaillant, you not only get access to a range of expertly engineered products. You also get access to a whole network of dedicated service, technical and support teams, as well as a whole host of business support tools… all designed to help your business thrive! Here are a few ways in which Advance can support you and your business.

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3. 10-year guarantee when you register the new ecoTEC plus with a Boiler Protection Kit on Advance

Smart Home Ready offer

Offer your customers connectivity out of the box with our Smart Home Ready bundle. Provide even more peace of mind, improved efficiency, complete with a 10-year guarantee on your ecoTEC plus when registered on Advance.

✓ Amazon Alexa and Apple Home integration

✓ Remote control via myVAILLANT app

✓ myVAILLANT Connect Smart Home subscription for remote appliance support

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