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Introducing Heat Pump Plus

Vaillant & OVO have partnered to help you offer reduced heat pump running costs for your customers.

Your customers can switch to OVO and save up to £300 a year* with Heat Pump Plus

Heat Pump Plus is a free type of use add-on for new and existing OVO customers in the UK** who also have a Vaillant ‘connected heat pump’. Heat Pump Plus is available for both new and previous air source heat pump installations.

This industry first type of use add-on helps your customers save money on the cost of electricity used to operate the heat pump, with a 15p per kWh rate when they are an OVO customer.

By using Heat Pump Plus to power a Vaillant heat pump at 15p per kWh compared to a standard variable tariff of 23p per kWh, your customers could save up to £300 a year on their energy bills*

How does your customer get Heat Pump Plus?

Your customer will need to switch to OVO for their electricity supply

If they are not already with OVO, they can get a quote and create an OVO account***.

Must have a smart meter installed

It must send half-hourly readings and your customer can have one installed for free through OVO.

Have the following Vaillant products installed at their home:

aroTHERM oraroTHERM plus air source heat pump

myVAILLANT connect internet gateway


sensoCOMFORT heating control

If you’ve installed a heat pump but didn’t fit the other necessary products to get a ‘connected heat pump’, you will need to install the additional items for your customers so that they can apply to become an OVO customer and access the Heat Pump Plus add-on.

How does it work for my customers?

When your customer has signed up to Heat Pump Plus, all the electricity they use will first be charged at the normal rate they pay on their OVO account. Your customer will pay one rate for the electricity in their home and have a lower rate for the electricity the heat pump uses.

With the Vaillant heat pump being connected, OVO can view the heat pump usage. The money saved will then be added as credit in your customer’s energy account in the first 7 working days of the following month.

Why should my customers sign up for Heat Pump Plus?

As more homeowners across the UK are opting for a low carbon heating solution, we’re proudly supporting our installers by providing you with a great solution to help more of your customers choose a Vaillant heat pump, paired with our connected controls to create a smart home heating system.

I fit Vaillant heat pumps – Can I offer Heat Pump Plus to my customers?

Yes, once you’ve installed the heat pump in your customer’s home, you must also fit myVAILLANT connect and a senso control with the myVAILLANT app. This means they can adjust their heating via their mobile phone. Once installed your customer can then sign up to OVO for their energy and they will be offered the Heat Pump Plus type of use add on.

I’m interested in fitting Vaillant heat pumps to offer my customers Heat Pump Plus - what steps do I take?

Heat Pump Plus is only available for Vaillant heat pump installs - to join Vaillant:

1. Sign up to Vaillant Advance, our installer loyalty programme where you access a world of dedicated support, training and advice.

2. Book on to aroTHERM heat pump training using Vaillant Academy. Sign in to the Vaillant Academy here.

Did you know that your customers can also sign up to a free Vaillant smart home subscription?

This is an additional benefit for connected Vaillant heat pump customers. Its a free of charge subscription which delivers a report of their heat pump energy consumption and heating habits.

1. Sign up for myVAILLANT Web – Vaillant’s online service portal

2. Register their heat pump

3. Register myVAILLANT connect

Your customers can visit the OVO website to get a quote for energy and apply for the Heat Pump Plus add-on

*Actual sum is £303.54. When you add Heat Pump Plus to your plan, your home energy rate will stay the same, but the energy consumed by your heat pump will be charged at an effective rate of 15p per kWh (thanks to payment of your Heat Pump Plus credit).The £303.54 saving is based on an air source heat pump with a UK average Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (or efficiency rating) of 2.8 and an annual consumption of 3,644 kWh with the Heat Pump Plus add-on compared to OVO's average standard variable tariff rate of 23.33p per kWh. Actual savings will vary depending on your heat pump usage, efficiency rating and the cost per kWh of your standard home energy tariff.

**Only available to customers in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.

***Application to become an OVO customer will be subject to OVO eligibility criteria.

Please see their terms and conditions for more information.