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Extended Boiler Guarantee

Issued by

Vaillant Group UK Limited with its registered office at Nottingham Road, Belper, DE56 1JT and company registration number 294316 (hereinafter referred to as ‘Vaillant’)

Boiler Protection Kit:

10 year extended boiler guarantee

Terms and Conditions:

Products Covered:


  • ecoFIT pure 825 - 0010020389
  • ecoFIT pure 830 - 0010020390
  • ecoFIT pure 835 - 0010020391


  • ecoFIT pure 612 - 0010020395
  • ecoFIT pure 615 - 0010020396
  • ecoFIT pure 618 - 0010020397
  • ecoFIT pure 625 - 0010020398
  • ecoFIT pure 630 - 0010020399

Open Vent:

  • ecoFIT pure 412 - 0010020400
  • ecoFIT pure 415 - 0010020401
  • ecoFIT pure 418 - 0010020402
  • ecoFIT pure 425 - 0010020403
  • ecoFIT pure 430 - 0010020404
  • ecoFIT pure 435 – 0010020405

To receive the benefit of the 10 year extended boiler guarantee the following terms and conditions must be followed or any claim against the guarantee will be rejected. These terms and conditions are in addition to the Vaillant standard terms and conditions as found on the Vaillant website

A Vaillant boiler protection kit (part number 0020278309 or part number 0020278310) must be used, and the following installation and servicing steps conducted in full:The heating system filter should be installed in the heating system pipework in line with the filter installation instructions enclosed in the pack

The heating system must be flushed, cleansed and inhibited in accordance with BS7593.

In all instances a suitable corrosion inhibitor must be introduced into the clean primary water system as described in the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is essential that the pH level is as per manufacturers instructions at all times – a litmus test kit is provided to confirm this and results must be noted in the relevant section below and upon yearly service in the comments section of the Benchmark logbook.

The cleanliness of the heating system should be confirmed by use of a turbidity tube.

The appliance and the system need to be serviced annually. The service process must be as described within the installation and maintenance instructions of the boiler and the Boiler Protection Kit.

The effectiveness or strength of the inhibitor and consequent cleanliness of the heating system must checked every 2 years, action taken as appropriate, and noted in the Benchmark logbook.

The boiler extended guarantee must be registered by an Advance Loyalty Club registered installer within 30 days of installing the appliance, together with the boiler protection kit on the Advance Loyalty Club website or via the App.

Failure to register within this time period will result in the guarantee reverting to standard 12 month guarantee level.

To register you must provide the full 28 digit serial number of the appliance and the full 28 digit serial number of the Boiler protection kit. The boiler serial number is clearly shown on the: boiler packaging, appliance data plate, removable stickers attached to the top of the boiler and the back of the control box.

The boiler protection kit serial number is clearly shown on the product packaging.

The extended guarantee will cover material and labour charges to repair or replace components within the boiler against manufacturing defects from the installation date, provided this is carried out by Vaillant or a Vaillant authorised Gas Safe registered engineer.

Invoices for attendance and repair of the heat exchanger by third parties will not be accepted for payment by Vaillant.

When claiming on the guarantee the following will be requested: Proof of the date of installation,

Proof that the appliance was correctly commissioned (completed Benchmark logbook, signed by the commissioning engineer)

Proof that the annual service has been completed to manufacturer’s requirements