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What is Boiler Plus?

What is Boiler Plus?

Boiler Plus is government legislation that aims to improve the way homes in the UK use energy by increasing the efficiency of their heating systems.

From April 2018, all boilers must have a minimum ErP efficiency of 92% and all installations must have time and temperature controls fitted, if they aren't already present and working correctly.

In addition, combi boilers, which make up a significant proportion of the market will require one of four additional requirements to be fitted. Each will need to be discussed with your customer and suited to each individual homeowners’ circumstances:

  • Load compensation - the ability to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler based on the actual room temperature, this requires the control and boiler to ‘speak’ the same language
  • Weather compensation - the ability to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler based on the outdoor temperature, a system widely used in Germany.
  • Smart control - A control that provides automation and optimisation.
  • PFGHRD (Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device)

From the feature-rich ecoTEC exclusive boilers, with built-in Passive Flue gas heat recovery (meaning it qualifies for Boiler Plus, straight out of the box) to the very simple and cost-effective VRT50/2 eBUS room stat for the very simplest way to comply, Vaillant offers a wide range of intelligent and easy to use controls.

Boiler Plus in Scotland and Wales

Please note:

As of late 2022, Boiler Plus standards have been introduced in Scotland and Wales with some slight differences to those set in England.

Boiler Plus in Wales

Boiler Plus policy in Wales includes the requirement for the smart thermostat to also feature remote access.

For a complete solution that meets the 4 additional measures of Boiler Plus in Wales, we would recommend pairing an ecoTEC exclusive with a vSMART, sensoHOME, sensoCOMFORT, or VR921 control.

Boiler Plus in Scotland

Boiler Plus policy in Scotland meanwhile has been expanded to apply to all gas boiler replacements (so includes System and Open Vent boilers as well as Combi).

Controls requirements remain the same as England.

How easy is it comply with Boiler Plus?

Using Vaillant controls, you can easily, effortlessly and efficiently meet the requirements for Boiler Plus.

Vaillant offers a range of solutions to meet all requirements:

VRT 350

An intelligent control for central heating and hot water that’s easy to use

  • New attractive, easy to use design with blue backlit display
  • Adjusts heating and hot water to British summer/winter time
  • Two temperature setting levels: desired and set-back temperatures
  • Boiler guarantee match

VRT 50/2

  • Easy to use intelligent digital room thermostat
  • Simple installation often using existing cable
  • Enhanced load compensation
  • Service, maintenance and fault indicator


  • Connect multiple vSMART controllers to one app
  • Compatible with myVAILLANT Pro
  • Optional smartphone app for both Android and iOS
  • Boiler Guarantee Match!*

VRC 700

Wired or wireless weather compensating programmable room thermostat

  • Works with our complete range of Vaillant boilers
  • Flexible time programs
  • Works with S & Y plan systems
  • Clear, high contrast backlit display
  • Boiler guarantee match

How will Boiler Plus affect my business?

Depending on which controls you currently fit, you may be Boiler Plus-ready, in which case you’re good to go!