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Searching for the most interesting heat pump projects in the UK

Vaillant has teamed up with Kevin McCloud to uncover the truth about having a heat pump installed in a wide variety of homes across the UK, and to help answer the common queries about the practicalities of installing and living with this type of low-carbon heating technology.

Alongside this partnership, we introduced the Vaillant Heat Pump Challenge, which looked for installers to help showcase how and when heat pumps work at their best.

Despite the growing popularity of heat pumps in the UK, recent research carried out on behalf of Vaillant, revealed there are still many questions surrounding this heating technology – often preventing both installers and UK homeowners from taking the first step to fitting one. How they work in the cold, costs to run and the type of homes they are suitable for, were amongst the frequently asked questions; on which internet research often gives polarised answers.

The Challenge

So, Vaillant aimed to open the debate surrounding heat pumps and shed light on installing and owning this type of heating technology - by challenging the industry to share their heat pump projects and demonstrate the wide variety of homes for which heat pumps are possible!

The Vaillant Heat Pump Challenge asked for installers to submit the most interesting and challenging residential heat pump installations they have been involved in, where many may have initially thought it wouldn’t be feasible or effective. The winning projects will have the chance to film with British property expert and presenter, Kevin McCloud.


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Challenge Winners


Pedn Billy Boathouse

South Barn

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Property Type: 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached

Age of Property:Built 1967

Location:East Sussex

Product Installed:aroTHERM plus

Installer:Optimus Heating

Product Replaced:System Boiler

Funding:Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

Pedn Billy Boathouse


Property Type: Detached Traditional Cottage

Location:Helford Passage, Cornwall

Product Installed:aroTHERM plus

Installer:Adobe Heat

Product Replaced:Direct Electric Heating System

Funding:Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

South Barn


Property Type: Grade II Converted Barn

Age of Property:400+ years

Location:Matlock, Derbyshire

Product Installed:7kW aroTHERM plus

Installer:IMS Heat Pumps

Funding:Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

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We'll be taking a deep dive into all of our winning properties, including interviews with the homeowners and installers to discuss the benefits and challenges of the installations




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Experts from across heating industry join Vaillant's Heat Pump Challenge

Vaillant’s Heat Pump Challenge aims to open the debate around installing and living with a heat pump and delve into what is possible with this low carbon technology.

Working with broadcaster and architecture pundit, Kevin McCloud, and installers from across the country, the Heat Pump Challenge will highlight installations in a range of properties, to help answer some of the common questions asked by installers and homeowners alike.

Here, we take a look at the five-strong judging panel team who joined us to view the entries received from installers around the UK and discussed their interest in helping homes transition to lower carbon technology.

The panel consider factors such as system design, installation, and commitment to helping the property transition to a lower carbon future. Although not right for every property, the judges hoped to explore where a heat pump has provided an ideal solution, perhaps where it may not have originally seemed achievable due to the property age or location.

“I’ve spent much of my career working with visionary people who have been able to realise their dreams - no matter how ambitious - by building extraordinary homes, despite those around them saying it’s not possible. We’re now in a similar situation in the home energy sector where some have enthusiastically embraced heat pump technology while some people are fearful about reliability and suitability, or simply don’t understand what they are, how they work, and the efficiency benefits they offer.
“Heat pumps are quite different to boilers in the way they operate but they’re very efficient and straightforward. I was an early adopter and chose to put them in my current home too. So, I’m very excited to be part of Vaillant’s Heat Pump Challenge; it’s a first, an opportunity to find out what is happening in the here and now to make heating our homes more efficient and climate friendly. I’m very much looking forward to discovering some great projects and encourage anyone who has installed a heat pump or designed a low carbon heating system for a building project, or just had a heat pump installed, to tell us about it.”

Kevin McCloud


We’re looking for those projects where a heat pump wasn’t perhaps the easiest or most obvious solution, but it has delivered a great result for the homeowners and their property. An older cottage, an apartment building with a heat pump on a balcony or Victorian terrace, for example.
We know this type of install is happening across the country, so we want to highlight those times people made the decision and invested in low-carbon heating, maybe despite people saying it wouldn’t work. Perhaps the install was easier than expected or technical solutions were found to make it a success.
Heat pumps have existed for many years and are a proven solution that can help decarbonise homes today. In many European countries, they are well known and widely adopted as home heating solutions.
“We know that with the right skills and expertise, heat pumps can be possible in most circumstances whether a small apartment in a bustling city, or a rustic farmhouse in the countryside. With the Vaillant Heat Pump Challenge, we are looking for those installations where a heat pump was the most desirable choice for the heating system, but the age of the building, surrounding environment or existing system made people question the possibility.
“I’m looking forward to seeing the entries from the installer community.”

Henrik Hansen, Managing Director of Vaillant Group, UK and Ireland

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