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Celebrating 150 Years

Our Company Milestones

The Vaillant Group is a family-owned company with a heritage of more than 150 years across over 20 countries, including 8 research and development centres, serving 30 million customers worldwide. Vaillant are committed to providing customers with energy-saving and easy to operate solutions for heating and hot water.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating technology, sustainability plays an integral role in the Vaillant Group’s activities. Home and world climate are inseparable and modern heating technology can make an important contribution to achieving climate protection targets. In the UK alone, replacing an old heating system with a new high efficiency boiler can save more than 30% of energy a year, and reduce CO2 emissions by a corresponding 30%. Sustainable heating is central to the Vaillant Group and its operation.


Establishment of Vaillant as a craft workshop for installation work. A 23 year old tailor's son declares in the newspaper in Remscheid that he has 'established himself as a coppersmith and pump manufacturer'.


Johann Vaillant adopts the 'Easter bunny in an egg' as the trademark for Vaillant. This makes him one of the pioneers in the field of branded products in the German consumer goods industry.


Vaillant develops a central heating boiler that allows heating of all the rooms in a house from a central location through room radiators (instead of requiring an oven or fireplace in each room) .


Vaillant adds Germany’s first-ever wallhung gas-fired heating system to its range. The Circo-Geyser system is globally unique with it's control and adjustment components are already built in.


Vaillant introduces the Combi-Geyser, a single appliance providing both central heating and a hot water supply.It was also wall-hung, so there was no requirement for cellar space in the home.


Vaillant launches it's first condensing appliance, the Thermoblock ecoTEC. Condensing technology is more energy efficient with less emissions than conventional heating technology.


Vaillant Group opened it's UK sales and production site in Belper, Derbyshire as part of the company's transformation into an international enterprise, with additional plants also in France, Spain, and Slovakia.


Vaillant sets the standard for remote monitoring and heating control with their on-line communication system vrnetDialog. For the first time it is possible to monitor and adjust a heating system from afar.


Vaillant develops their first geothermal heat pump in-house. The geoTHERM exemplifies Vaillant's climate-friendly technology development and provides both heating and cooling technology.


The Vaillant Group creates the SEEDS (Sustainability, Environment, Employees, Development & Solutions and Society) programme to consolidate their sustainability activities. Find out more


Vaillant’s most innovative heat pump product, the aroTHERM plus, is launched to the market. The aroTHERM plus has one of the lowest Global Warming Potential scores of just 3! Find out more


Vaillant launches the remastered ecoTEC plus, putting hours of research and development into updating the much-loved ecoTEC plus range with smart home ready capabilities. Find out more

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