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Commercial system accessories

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auroSTOR 500 litre twin coil cylinder

Large capacity cylinder for use with heat pump and solar thermal systems

  • Large diameter, smooth coil technology
  • Factory fitted T&P valve
  • Single guarantee for all components

Cascade rigs

Commercial system accessories

  • Offers a more flexible solution to commercial systems
  • Compatible with ecoTEC plus 48 - 120kW
  • Suitable for up to 960kW

Low-loss headers

For use with ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW

  • Maintains correct flow of water through the boiler
  • Aids in providing a constant temperature supply of water to reach multiple heating circuits downstream of the low-loss header connection
  • Suitable for new clean systems up to 70kW net input

Single install and cascade flue systems

Flues for commercial boiler systems

  • Designed specifically for Vaillant commercial boilers
  • Flues suitable for single and cascade installations
  • Range of accessories to cater for various requirements


Hydraulic tower for the aroTHERM plus

  • Neat and compact system solution
  • The perfect DHW partner for aroTHERM plus
  • Safe and easy transportation

VR 32/3 eBUS Coupler

eBUS coupler for use with ecoTEC plus and ecoCRAFT boilers

  • Enables VRC 630, VRC 700 and VRC 700f to communicate with boilers installed in cascade
  • Designed to sit alongside the boiler’s main PCB
  • Connects via a simple interface cable

VR 36 230V 3-4-5 Converter

230 Volt switching interface card for use with ecoTEC plus 80, 100 and 120kW boilers

  • Works with ecoTEC plus 80kW, 100kW and 120kW boilers
  • Compatible with third party controls

1 - 7 of 7 Results