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Training Testimonials

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Daniel Hayes from Nu Age Heating and Interiors, a Coventry based company, discusses how Vaillant training not only ensures businesses can stay up to date with latest innovation and technology, it also helps them provide impeccable customer service.

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“Course tutors were easy to listen to, came across well and did well getting across the content considering the less than ideal format of zoom. Well done, not easy to do!”

Andrew Quinn

aroTherm Intro, Part 1 and Part 2

“Tom and Rob were just superb and could not of asked for a better business development course. Very personal and everything they've said makes sense and it's very doable! Would highly recommend.”

Andrew Dawson

Built to Last

“Buckets of useful tips and explained in with great detail. You can see Rob and Tom are great friends which adds an element of fun and entertainment to the course.”

Adam Burton

The Boiler Business

“Really helped me get a feel for the controls, and how much support there is to familiarise myself with them using the material available, especially the simulators.”

Michael Love

Senso Controls Range