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Introducing The Vaillant Hare

The Vaillant Hare, which has been a part of the Vaillant brand for 124 years, has now been brought to life to be a friendly and approachable voice for homeowners and to build on Vaillant’s strong brand identity in homes across the UK.

With a lot of information available about heating, The Vaillant Hare is here to support you, our loyal installers, by helping to educate homeowners about the different options available to them and to help them understand the how they can best heat their homes.

By building consumer trust, confidence and understanding, The Vaillant Hare will support your customers in making an informed decision about the best heating solution for their homes today and for the future!

The Vaillant Hare is on TV!

To help raise awareness of Vaillant among UK homeowners, we're back on TV to help you get even more business leads!

Watch the latest TV ad below:

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