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Low-loss headers

For use with ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW

  • Maintains correct flow of water through the boiler
  • Aids in providing a constant temperature supply of water to reach multiple heating circuits downstream of the low-loss header connection
  • Suitable for new clean systems up to 70kW net input


Vaillant low-loss headers are only suitable for new clean systems up to 70kW net input with correctly inhibited water.

These heating systems may have different temperature and flow-rate requirements (e.g. underfloor heating and radiator circuits). Cooler return water from the heating circuits is mixed with water from the boiler in the low-loss header. An NTC is used to monitor the temperature of water supplied by the boiler to maintain a steady flow temperature. It is recommended that a suitable dirt filter is fitted in the return flow between the low-loss header and the heating circuits as a precaution to prevent system dirt entering the boiler.