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auroTHERM exclusive VTK 570 (discontinued)

Vacuum tube solar collectors

  • Standardised roof bracket system
  • Vertical collector available for on-roof and flat roof installations with mounting bracket options
  • Up to six collectors can be connected in a series
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)


High efficiency vacuum tube collectors

Each collector is delivered pre-assembled with six tubes per collector and is compact and lightweight for ease of installation. Each tube is manufactured using toughened glass that is internally coated with a special high selective absorber, making the auroTHERM exclusive one of the most efficient collectors in its class. What’s more, the tubes have the benefit of a 10-year guarantee against loss of vacuum and, if necessary, can be replaced without draining down the solar system - meaning low maintenance all year round.



Related Products

Related Products

auroFLOW (discontinued)

  • Mircogeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited
  • Total system available under one article number
  • Suited for commercial properties

auroSTOR cylinders (discontinued)

  • Easy to clean - High quality VG white powder coating
  • Best in class stand by energy losses
  • Inline front connections
  • Adjustable feet meaning the cylinder can be installed on uneven ground


Alternative products

Alternative products

auroTHERM VFK 145 (discontinued)

  • Stylish, high performance flat plate technology
  • Flexible siting options
  • Various intelligent control and cylinder options available