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Our new furry friend: Introducing The Vaillant Hare

Monday 4th December 2023



We’ve brought our much-loved Vaillant Hare to life as part of our new TV ad campaign to boost brand awareness among homeowners and help support our installers’ businesses

You’ll probably already be familiar with The Valliant Hare. It’s been a part of Vaillant for more than a century and is an intrinsic part of our logo, our brand and our heritage.

But for our brand-new consumer TV ad, which hit the nation’s TV screens on 1 December, we wanted to make it an even bigger part of our identity.

The ad is part of our ongoing consumer campaign, which aims to generate valuable business leads for you and bolster Vaillant’s longstanding commitment of proudly supporting our loyal installers.

So, meet the all-new, animated Vaillant Hare – bringing the Vaillant brand to life.

Who is The Vaillant Hare?

The Vaillant Hare has been part of our brand for 124 years and is a symbol of our rich heritage.

We like to think of it as a friend of Vaillant who showcases our products, offers simple, straightforward advice, and has homeowners’ best interests at heart.

Appearing across all our marketing channels, The Vaillant Hare talks directly to homeowners, giving them jargon-free explanations to build their trust, confidence and understanding.

With positive ideas and good cheer, it helps take the complexity out of heating, empowering your customers to make the best choices about how to heat their homes.

Part of the Vaillant brand for 124 years, The Vaillant Hare has been brought to life for our new TV ad

The Vaillant Hare also brings messages of caring about the comfort of everyone – both humans and the natural world. So, as we move towards net zero, sustainability will be one of the key values that the new character embodies.

Ultimately, we want customers to think of The Vaillant Hare as friendly, reliable and trustworthy – just like our installers.


“The Vaillant Hare helps take the complexity out of heating, empowering your customers to make the best choices about how to heat their homes”


Why have we made this change?

At Vaillant, we’re constantly investing in consumer advertising to make sure homeowners are aware of our brand and our heating solutions.

Our research showed that homeowners only think about their heating when it’s necessary – usually when it fails or requires an upgrade.

We wanted to change this by making the Vaillant brand more memorable, whether homeowners are actively thinking about their heating system or not.

So, with our new campaign and The Vaillant Hare character, we’re aiming to embed ourselves in the memory of your potential customers – whether they need us now or in 10 years’ time.

Watch our new ad here:

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