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The Heat Pump Journey

Industry Leading Training for Industry Leading Engineers

Decarbonisation of Heat & Low Carbon Technologies:

On-line: 1 Hour 30 Mins

This online session is led by one of our Trainers and will introduce you to low carbon technologies and their role in decarbonise heat in buildings.

Introduction to Heat Pumps:

On-line: 1 Hour 30 Mins

This online session is led by one of our Trainers and is for Gas appliance-based installers who wish to gain knowledge of heat pumps. This course includes: Industry drivers towards heat pump technologies, heat pump types, environment collector types, refrigeration circuit (how it works), components of a heat pump and heat pump fundamental must have knowledge and information.

Vaillant Heat Pump Overview

On-line: 1 Hour 30 Mins

This online course is led by one of our Trainers and provides useful heat pump information for anybody who is new to heat pump technology or is increasing their knowledge of Vaillant’s extensive range of heat pump products. You will be introduced to the different Vaillant heat pumps and systems before undertaking training on individual product types.

aroTHERM plus Installation and Commissioning

Part 1

On-line: 1 Hour 30 Mins

This online course is led by one of our Trainers will introduce you to the new aroTHERM plus. Focusing on the features & benefits and the key operating principles, including higher temperatures. The trainer will also go through the differences to the current aroTHERM range.

aroTHERM plus Installation and Commissioning

Part 2

On-line: 2 Hour Course

This online course is led by one of our Trainers, it is a follow up session to ‘Introduction to aroTHERM plus’ which looks at the detail of installing and commissioning the new aroTHERM plus air source heat pump.

aroTHERM plus Install, Commission, and Set-Up

Practical: In Centre: Full Day

This practical, in centre course is aimed at installers who have attended the aroTHERM Plus part 1 and part 2 online training sessions.

During this face-to-face session you will cover an overview of the original online course contents for familiarisation, plus a walk around the installation at the COE, this will include main components and accessories. The order of the installation process including wiring to the outdoor unit, the indoor unit and various accessories following the schematic drawing. The fill and flushing specific details. The first time powering up sequence and installation setup order, again following the specific information provided on the schematic drawing.

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Advanced Courses

aroTHERM Plus Sound-Safe

On-line: 1 Hour 30 Mins

Sound-Safe training is designed for engineers to gain critical safety information required to check the aroTHERM Plus heat pump for safety zone conformity and R290 refrigerant soundness before accessing the internal Sound-Safe area required for Maintenance or Cooling Resister installation. This course is a pre-requisite for in COE maintenance or cooling resister installation before installing an aroTHERM Plus.

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aroTHERM Plus Maintainance

In Centre: 1 Hour 30 Mins

Available Centres: Belper, Bristol, Elland, Farnborough, Glasgow, Maidstone

aroTHERM Plus Maintenance is an in COE course and will cover the process of safely maintaining the aroTHERM Plus system components including the Outdoor, Indoor units and system checks that need to be carried out at specific intervals. A Pre-Requisite Online Sound-Safe course must be attended before this Maintenance course. All attendees will have a short assessment where they will demonstrate the Sound-Safe safety aspect of working safely with R290 filled equipment.

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