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How to comply with Boiler Plus

VRT 50 - The easiest way to meet Boiler Plus

Vaillant’s most simple and straightforward digital room thermostat which measures and displays the room temperature through a clear digital display, whilst fully modulating the boiler through intelligent load compensation to optimise efficiency.

The VRT 50 allows the user to set their optimal room temperature with a simple turn of the dial. The VRT 50 utilises Vaillant’s low voltage eBUS protocol that uses a simple 0.75mm two core cable to connect directly to the boiler.

When using the VRT 50 - time control of the boiler will also be required, normally via the timeSWITCH 150 plugged into the boiler.

VRT 350(f) – the effortless (and popular) way to meet Boiler Plus

Vaillants most popular intelligent programmable room thermostat the VRT 350 allows you to programme your times and temperatures all from one wired or wireless ‘plug and play’ device. Our intelligent VRT 350 uses an intuitive and familiar menu layout so you can change times and temperatures with ease. Load compensation requires no set up and will begin automatically adjusting the boilers output based on the room temperature difference.

vSMART - The efficient and smart way to meet Boiler Plus

Meet Boiler Plus with ease using our vSMART connected thermostat. Our vSMART control utilises internet weather data to adapt the boiler output. There’s no need to set a heat curve as this is automatically set during the initial few hours the boiler is running. The vSMART app is available on both iOS and Android and can be used by multiple users to control your heating when you are in or out of your home.

From the moment vSMART is installed it will automatically start learning the thermal behaviour of the property. This allows the vSMART to anticipate what time to bring the heating on to ensure your home is at your desired temperature when you arrive home (‘optimum start’).

VRC 700 - The most flexible way to meet boiler plus

The VRC 700 provides total system control and is the most flexible programmable room thermostat in our range. It can be used for everything from a single heating circuit to the installation of up to nine heating circuits, whilst controlling boilers, heat pumps and cascade configurations. The VRC 700 can be purchased as a wired or wireless thermostat which utilises an (included) outdoor temperature sensor. This feature weather compensates by automatically adjusting the boiler output based on current weather conditions. When purchased with the VR 920 gateway the VRC 700 app can be utilised to control the VRC 700 remotely from a iOS or Android smartphone.