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The Vaillant Podcast:
Why we need to train more heat pump installers



In the first episode of a four-part series about the heat pump skills gap, Simon Whysall and Mark Wilkins discuss why we urgently need to upskill installers in low carbon heating technologies

Friday 26 May 2023

The Vaillant Podcast is a heating industry podcast designed to support installers with every aspect of their working lives. From mental health to marketing, and from fitness to finances, installers can tune in to learn how to enhance their earnings, learning and wellbeing.

In the first episode of a four-part series about the heat pump skills gap, we’re discussing why the UK urgently needs to train more heat pump installers and what we’re doing as a manufacturer to support installers who want to diversify.

The UK government has set a target of 600,000 heat pump installations a year by 2028 as part of the drive to decarbonise home heating, so training the nation’s gas installers in low carbon technologies is a top priority for the industry. Vaillant estimates that we need to upskill 100,000 installers to hit the government’s target. But with only 1,500 accredited heat pump installers in the UK right now, how do we bridge this skills gap within the next five years?

In this episode, host Simon Whysall is joined by Mark Wilkins, Vaillant’s Technology and Training Director, to look at the reasons why we have so few heat pump installers, how to boost the take-up of low carbon technologies among homeowners, and the roles of the government and the heating industry in supporting installers to retrain in renewables.

Produced by Ed Adams,First Touch