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Meet the Regional Business Manager: Craig Hanson



We catch up with the Regional Business Manager for Vaillant Commercial Systems for Scotland, North of England and Northern Ireland about heating technologies, supporting installers and weekend rugby

Friday 10th November 2023

Here at Vaillant, our Regional Business Managers are the cornerstone of what we do.

Whether answering queries, helping installers on the road or lending a listening ear, our team consistently goes above and beyond to proudly support you and your business.

We caught up with Craig Hanson, Regional Business Manager for Vaillant Commercial Systems for Scotland, North of England and Northern Ireland, about his role.


“It’s reassuring to work for Vaillant as we have been selling renewable technologies for more than 15 years”


Q: How did you get into the heating industry?

A: My background is in engineering and mechanical roles in the wind industry. I then moved into industrial heating with a leading company in the sector, which gave me the opportunity to understand heating products and customer demands.

Three years ago, I joined Vaillant as a Regional Business Manager. I haven’t looked back since.

Q: What does your usual day involve?

A: Every day is different. One day, I might be on a site visit with contractors to help them specify the most suitable heating system for that project. On others, I’ll be discussing heat pump and hybrid systems with consultants and specifiers or working with merchants to understand the great features of our products. You’ll also find me helping installers set up heating systems to optimise the efficiency of the equipment.

Q: How do you and the Vaillant Commercial Systems team support local installers and our wider customer base?

A: The team is on hand to support installers at every stage. We attend site, specify boiler solutions and give advice on flues, controls, large capacity cylinders, and accessories to provide full-system support.

We can also provide training on our products to ensure our customers have the full knowledge to install Vaillant solutions. If installers need schematics for individual projects, we can put that together, too. We talk through setting up the controls and give advice to end users on how to run the systems.

Q: How does your role in the Vaillant Commercial Systems team differ from that of other Regional Business Managers who work with domestic installers?

A: As we sell complete systems, we’re also there to offer more in the way of technical support. Every job is different in some respect, so we need to be knowledgeable in lots of different areas. But all Regional Business Managers do their best for our installers – often working together on joint projects.

Q: What’s the best thing about your job?

A: Helping contractors and merchants find solutions to technical issues. Then, when the project is finished, there’s a lot of satisfaction in knowing that what you proposed is the best result for the customer.

Q: What’s special about what Vaillant offers to installers?

A: Vaillant offers the complete package – world-leading products supported by one of the largest service teams and its own training centres. The company nurtures new installers with training, support and even business advice.

Q: How has the industry changed since you started?

A: With the drive to reach the net-zero target by 2050, the industry has started shifting to low carbon technology.

It’s reassuring to work for Vaillant as we have been selling renewable technologies for more than 15 years and have built up so much expertise in these new heating technologies. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the heating industry.


“My first job interview was to become a priest. Luckily, I failed that interview and ended up at Vaillant”


Q: What question do you get asked the most?

A: The number one question is: how can we make this system more efficient? It’s such a key issue and we are regularly explaining how Vaillant controls can help to improve the overall efficiency of a system. We also get a lot of queries about hybrid heating systems.

Q: What are installers talking about right now?

A: The hot topic is how to harness renewable heating technologies. The industry is going through significant change, and for some it’s unsettling. But Vaillant is offering training courses to support the industry through this transition.

Q: Could you tell us about a time you went above and beyond to support installers?

A: Usually, commercial projects are well planned, but from time to time the Commercial Systems team needs to help fix an issue.

I remember one occasion when I had to drive to Newcastle to pick up a part and then on to Inverness to drop it off. But mostly it’s just being on the other side of the phone and spending time with contractors.

Q: If you could give installers one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: Use the support that Vaillant offers. If you’re not sure, ask!

Q: If there’s one thing you’d change about the heating industry, what would it be?

A: My priority would be to install systems for the long term. Plate heat exchangers are sometimes seen as an extra expense, but they are an important accessory to improve the system efficiency and protect the boilers. It’s important that end users understand the importance of a plate heat exchanger and its benefits to them.

Q: What do you like to do in your downtime?

A: Most weekends, I’ll be cheering on my two boys as they play rugby. I’m also a keen hill walker who loves the open spaces.

Q: Finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

A: My first job interview was to become a priest. Luckily, I failed that interview and ended up at Vaillant.

Q: How can installers get in touch with you?

A: Installers in Scotland, the North of England and Northern Ireland can call me on 07534 469419 or email me at I’m also on LinkedIn.

If they have a technical enquiry, then the Vaillant support line on 0344 693 3133 is available to assist between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturday.