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Looking back at the ecoTEC plus over the years



The very first model of the ecoTEC plus boiler was first launched by Vaillant in 2005 and has been a firm favourite with installers ever since. But, in 2023, we redefined and remastered this much-loved boiler and here are five new features

Tuesday 7 May 2024

With a modern look and feel, the new combi, system and storage combi ecoTEC plus ranges have been enhanced with installers in mind.

The new ecoTEC plus is the product of hours of R&D, years of expertise and innovation, and precise improvements that have sharpened, intensified and enhanced performance specifically for the UK market.

From a new installation wizard to simplify the commissioning process, to a sleek modern interface, here are some of the changes that you may not already know.

The boiler will now intuitively ask if the flue is less or more than 5m in length.

With shorter flue lengths we can now limit the fan speed to deliver less electrical consumption - meaning less noise and even higher efficiency for your customers.

The latest ecoTEC plus features a new purge programme which is now mandatory. All system valves must be closed to allow the boilers' heat exchanger to be fully purged of air before first ignition.

Both the heating circuit and cylinder circuit should be manually purged before running the boiler purge programme.

Regularly requested by installers, the gas cock at the inlet to the boiler now incorporates a test point to allow the gas pressure to be accurately read at the inlet to the appliance, making installers' lives so much easier.

A new ‘CIM’ connector on the underside of the appliance allows both a receiver from a Vaillant control and an internet gateway, such as the myVAILLANT connect, for app-based controls to be mounted in seconds.

No fiddly wiring or connection onto the PCB. ecoTEC plus boilers are now ‘plug-and-play’ ready to enable even greater connectivity functions for your customers.

A new intelligent combustion system that uses a probe along the length of the burner to continually monitor the quality of the gas being burned. This innovation ensures that all new Vaillant appliances can cope with all fluctuations or variations of natural gas quality, including the addition of blended hydrogen in the future.

This technology enables the new ecoTEC plus to reach an even wider modulation of up to 1:11, for even greater system efficiency.

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