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How to get the most out of myVAILLANT Pro



myVAILLANT Pro could become one of the most useful tools in your kit. Find out more about how it can change the way you carry out installations and support your customers with these handy tips


With myVAILLANT Pro, you can offer your customers an even better service and support – thanks to our clever eBUS communication technology.

eBUS enables Vaillant systems to talk to each other and provides data on the performance of the heating systems and its components.

It means you can remotely monitor your customers’ boiler and heat pump installations and see detailed performance data, fault code history and diagnostics – all at the click of a button, either via the myVAILLANT Pro mobile app or desktop platform.

And if your customers use our vSMART or myVAILLANT apps*, it’s even easier for you to demonstrate how you can keep an eye on their heating system in case of any potential issues.

"With myVAILLANT Pro, you can see detailed performance data, fault code history and diagnostics – all at the click of a button"

Here are some of myVAILLANT Pro’s amazing features…

  • Improved service efficiency - Receive immediate notifications of a fault on a customer's appliance alongside insights on how to rectify the problem. This gives you time to plan and have an efficient first visit to your customer’s property.
  • Detailed fault history and information - myVAILLANT Pro gives you a time-and date-stamped service and fault history for each connected appliance, along with the latest fault information for all supported appliances.
  • Diagnostic insights - Get data-driven insights on failures to aid repairs and spare part identification.
  • Customer management - Manage your customers in our handy, secure         customer database. You’ll get quick visibility of appliance model and serial number, so you’ll know what to expect when you visit the homeowner’s property.
  • Appliance documents - Find all the information you need – including         installation guides, user instructions, and wiring diagrams with exploded views – in a quick and simple search.
  • Plannable business - Know what you’re doing from one day to the next by scheduling multiple services and repair visits more efficiently using the failure and spare-part insights.
  • Intelligent repairs - Get all the equipment you need for the job by knowing what spare parts are required before you arrive.
  • Installation and manufacturing dates - You’ll get complete transparency of the appliance production and installation process, alongside comprehensive data records.
  • Remote appliance monitoring - Easily review appliance data points while on the move and manage your customers’ set time programmes on their thermostat. We’re always adding new and improved features to myVAILLANT Pro to help our installers carry out their work more efficiently. Here are some of the latest benefits:
  • Live monitoring - See the status of the heating system, live – wherever you are.
  • Water pressure monitoring - As we know, some faults can occur due to low water pressure. With the correct guidance, these can be rectified by the         homeowner, saving you time and resources.
  • Add appliances from your Advance registrations - The Advance and         myVAILLANT Pro apps are now more synced, meaning you can add a new         appliance directly from your Advance registrations.
  • Connect previous installs - You can now backdate and connect previous         installs directly from the app.
  • Resending consent emails - Customer missed your first consent email? No problem: the app allows you to resend them to homeowners.

"Thanks to our clever eBUS communication technology, you can offer your customers an even better service and support with myVAILLANT Pro"

See the full list of myVAILLANT Pro features here and download the app for iOS and for Android

*Please note that the sensoAPP and VRC 700 apps are currently being migrated to myVAILLANT Pro