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Five key benefits of a hot water cylinder for your customers


The Vaillant range of cylinders has been designed to work in harmony with all Vaillant heat pumps, system and open vent boilers, and here’s why


Monday 29 April 2024

Many household utilities could be seen as being dispensable, but not when it comes to hot water. From washing dishes to doing laundry, your customers want access to hot water instantly, without any delay.

So, here are five reasons why opting for a Vaillant hot water cylinder might be better for your customer and their heating system.

With greater access to stored domestic hot water, unvented cylinders can provide powerful water pressure and even higher flow rates for your customers. This means that hot water can be delivered quickly to your customers for filling baths and for improved showering.

By storing hot water when needed and without having to constantly heat, unvented cylinders can help to lower energy bills.

When combined with smart tariffs and renewable solutions, such as solar PV and heat pumps, the homeowner has the potential to enjoy savings on their utility bills.

Without impacting your customer's living space, the cylinder can be hidden away in the loft, garage or utility room.

Whatever the future renewable heat source, a high recovery cylinder can become part of a new renewable heating system. And with a 25-year guarantee on the Vaillant cylinder range when registered on Vaillant Advance, it provides even greater longevity for your customers.

The Vaillant cylinders can easily be controlled with Vaillant’s range of easy-to-use controls to further enhance your customer's heating system. They will have the ability to gain instant access to domestic hot water when the demand dictates.

Overall, by upgrading to a domestic hot water cylinder, your customers can enjoy hot water to enhance their lifestyle, and reduced energy bills whilst futureproofing their home.

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