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Vaillant have developed a range of central heating and hot water controls which are designed to be a simple addition that bring higher efficiencies and connected solutions for comfortable living environments and lower fuel costs.

Designed to work harmoniously with all Vaillant boilers and heat pumps, our range of controls ensures heating and how water systems are working at peak performance whilst maintaining optimum efficiency - helping to meet Boiler Plus.

Traditional controls

timeSWITCH 150

  • Traditional boiler control
  • Easy to use
  • Quick mode selection
  • Works with our complete range of combi boilers

VRT 50/2

  • Easy to use intelligent digital room thermostat
  • Simple installation often using existing cable
  • Enhanced load compensation
  • Service, maintenance and fault indicator

VRT 50 (discontinued)

  • Traditional boiler control
  • Digital room thermostat
  • Enhanced load compensation when used with timeSWITCH 150
  • Heating and hot water mode on indicator

Traditional digital controls

timeSWITCH 160

  • Digital plug in timer
  • Flexible timing programs
  • Service, maintenance and fault indicator
  • Clear, high contrast backlit display

VRT 15

  • Simple room thermostat
  • Can be used with timeSWITCH 160 for simple and straight-forward boiler control
  • Clear display of the desired temperature
  • Braille temperature indication

Programmable controls

VRT 350 / VRT 350f

  • Intelligent programmable room compensating control
  • Flexible time programs
  • Multi-zone option for two heating circuit solutions
  • Enhanced load compensation

Connected Controls


Contemporary programmable room thermostat for highest comfort

  • Manage single heating zones with the sensoHOME and sensoHOME RF (two heating zones can be achieved with the wired sensoHOME, VR 66/2 and VR 92).
  • Fully modulating with load compensating technology
  • Remote control and monitoring of the heating system via our sensoAPP to increase your customer’s comfort
  • Highly efficient with ErP Class V rating

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All-round weather compensating system control

  • Simple operation for advanced systems with up to five heating circuits
  • Control up to 5 heating zones with the wired sensoCOMFORT and 3 with our wireless model, sensoCOMFORT RF
  • New integrated installation assistant enables failure-proof commissioning in less than 2 minutes
  • Fully modulating with load and weather compensating technology
  • Highly efficient with ErP Class VI rating
  • Ability to cascade Vaillant heating products for larger output systems

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VRC 700 / VRC 700f

  • Multi-zone heating and hot water controls
  • Designed with simplicity and familiarity in mind
  • Works with all our complete range of boilers and heat pumps
  • Clear, high contrast backlit display


  • Smart thermostatic radiator valve
  • Controls the temperature of each room in your home from tablet or smartphone with VR 920 gateway
  • Android and Apple iOS application
  • Clear digital display

Smart controls


  • Wireless heating and hot water control with smartphone app
  • Electronic paper display
  • Intelligent self-learning
  • Smart home and mobile app compatible