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Large capacity cylinders for commercial boiler systems

Explore the uniSTOR range


The uniSTOR cylinder range has been designed to work in harmony with Vaillant heat pumps, to provide a complete heating and hot water system for specification into a range of developments.

Explore the range

The 500 and 800 litre uniSTOR’s have impressive coil sizes, of 4.7m2 and 7m2 which are manufactured using high grade stainless steel, and pass the highest Vaillant standards and quality control requirements.

In addition, a comprehensive range of accessories are available which includes a choice of unvented cylinder kits, compatible expansion vessels and a 7.5kW immersion (800 litre only). This provides the installer and specifier with maximum flexibility during design and installation.

Both cylinders can also be cascaded to generate higher requirements for hot water. Vaillant’s dedicated commercial and technical designers can advise on any project for additional support and peace of mind.

  • Single guarantee for all components
  • Unvented cylinder kit, expansion vessel and sensor available as an accessory
  • Large diameter, smooth coil technology
  • Global Warming Potential less than 5 and ozone depletion of 0
  • In-built lifting eye
  • Secondary return
  • Factory fitted T&P valve
  • Large 7.5kW single phase immersion available
  • Inspection port included