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sensoCOMFORT heating control

Wired and wireless controls for heating and hot water

  • Highly efficient with ErP Class VI rating
  • Fully modulating with load and weather compensating technology
  • Multi-zone heating and hot water controls
  • The touch interface provides a simplistic method of navigating the control
  • Flexible time programs


The sensoCOMFORT control is Vaillant’s new control for multi-zone heating systems which works in unison with Vaillant boilers and heat pumps, ensuring appliances work to their peak performance to maintain optimum efficiency.

Designed to operate with more complex systems, multiple heating zones, underfloor heating and renewable technologies. sensoCOMFORT uses triVAI technology so when used on a hybrid system, it automatically chooses the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Installation of the sensoCOMFORT has been designed to be as easy as possible, with guided commissioning that detects the eBUS components of the system automatically and proposes pre-defined settings. So, the installer is no longer required to manually input information on each part of the system, simplifying commissioning and saving time.

The sensoCOMFORT comes with an outdoor sensor, providing weather compensation that automatically adjusts the flow rate from the appliance for ultimate efficiency. Load compensation comes as standard.

With the ability to cascade up to seven boilers or heat pumps, the sensoCOMFORT is perfect for larger domestic and commercial properties.

The in-built holiday function prevents the heating and hot water coming in whilst away and reinstates it on return. This is ideal for schools during the holiday periods. Custom time and temperature programs are permanently stored, even in the event of a power failure for added piece of mind and convenience.



Technical DataUnitsensoCOMFORTsensoCOMFORT RF
Article number 00100368190010036820
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm109 x 175 x 26109 x 175 x 26
Power supplyveBUS4 x 1.5V (AA)
ErP class 66
ErP contribution%44
Maximum number of zones 53

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