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Introducing The Vaillant Hare

The Vaillant Hare, which has been a part of the Vaillant brand for 124 years, has now been brought to life to be a friendly and approachable voice for customers and to build on Vaillant’s strong brand identity in homes and properties across the UK.

With a diverse range of properties in the UK and many different heating solutions for different customer types, the Hare is here to support in educating customers and end users across the nation.

By building consumer trust, The Vaillant Hare will instil confidence and understanding in consumers that the right decision has been made for their property.

The Vaillant Hare is on TV!

We’re proud to continue our investment in consumer advertising this winter.

Featuring The Vaillant Hare, our latest advertising campaign aims to bring Vaillant to the forefront of homeowner's minds.

Watch the latest TV ad below:

Upgrade your full system

Developing new and innovative technology to deliver efficient and sustainable heating solutions is always at the forefront of what we do. Whether it’s a renewable energy source such as a heat pump or a new highly efficient boiler, by upgrading a home heating system, homeowners and tenants can reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills too.

Heat pumps

Our heat pumps are a great, energy efficient option for heating and hot water for a range of properties from new builds, high-rise buildings and commercial premises.



Our gas boiler range offers the high quality and performance to ensure all homes have heating and hot water whenever they need it.


Heating controls

Designed to work harmoniously with all Vaillant boilers and heat pumps, our range of controls ensures heating and how water systems are working at peak performance whilst maintaining optimum efficiency.


Specify climate friendly heating

Together, it’s important we look to the future. With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and the upcoming Future Homes Standard, the direction for our industry is clear. With the awareness of renewables increasing, we’re here to ensure our clients can meet this demand with the back up of sustainable, award winning heating solutions brand. We’re always focused on the ways we can continue to support our customers. If you’re looking to start specifying renewable heating, are looking for support, or free training, contact us today.