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Lovat Shinty Club Community Pavilion, Kiltarlity

Building type:

Community Pavilion


Heating and hot water for pavilion and changing facilities

Technology used:

2 x 15kW aroTHERM air source heat pumps in cascade, 1 x Heat exchanger module, 1 x 200 litre buffer tank for heating, 2 x 500 litre hot water cylinders & VRC 700 system control


R&I Cruden Ltd.


Lovat Shinty Club

Founded in 1888, the Lovat Shinty were in need of low-cost heating and hot water demand for their new community pavilion and changing facilities. The community project was almost fully funded by charities and European funding groups including Sports Scotland, Leader, Highland Council, Robertson Group along with many private funders.

As a not-for-profit organisation, being able to fulfil the high demand of hot water for the showers at a low running cost for the club, was a crucial part of the specification. Renewable heating installers, R&I Cruden worked closely with Vaillant to design the heating system to select Vaillant’s aroTHERM heat pumps as the most energy efficient and cost effective solution.

Air-to-water heat pumps are a highly energy efficient solution as they safeguard against fluctuations in oil and LPG prices that can leave owners vulnerable to the ever-rising energy bills. Available in four models from 5 – 15kW, aroTHERM is a compact unit which can be easily sited and offers quiet operation with sound power as low as 58dB(A).

After this upgrade, the Lovat Shinty Club now benefits from a highly efficient but low cost heating and hot water solution provided by two aroTHERM air source heat pumps in cascade with a 200 litre buffer tank for heating.

The use of the Vaillant heat exchanger module also contributed to cost savings in the form of saving on glycol required for the heating system. The system is complemented by the Vaillant VRC 700 weather compensating system control which intelligently communicates with all Vaillant appliances.

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