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VR 80 room/zone control

A wired room/zone control for use with the VRC 630 only

  • Enables users to set the target room temperature and various heating modes
  • Includes a built-in room sensor
  • Adjustable parameters for the heating system available using VR80
  • Connects via 2-core eBUS cable
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The VR 80 is designed to be used alongside the VRC 630 on commercial heating systems. Up to eight VR 80 room/zone controls can be used, each controlling one heating zone. The VR 80 allows a user to set the target room temperature and heating mode (auto, eco, off and over-ride/party). The control can take into account the actual room temperature measured by the built-in room sensor and it is also possible for the user to adjust some parameters for the associated heating circuit. The VR 80 control is connected to the rest of the control system via 2-core eBUS cable to enable communication.

Related Products

Related Products

ecoTEC plus 80, 100 and 120kW

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  • Energy saving two-stage frost protection system and pressure sensor to monitor system pressure via diagnostics
  • Full range of accessories available for a complete system solution

ecoCRAFT 80, 120, 160, 200, 240 and 280kW

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VRC 630 boiler management control

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Vaillant Commercial boilers and accessories are available over the counter or as a next day service at most plumbing and heating merchants throughout the UK.

We can provide you with bespoke solutions to accommodate a variety of installations. To discuss your requirements please contact us.

Alternative products

Alternative products

VR 90 room/zone control

  • Enables users to set the target room temperature and various heating modes
  • Includes a built-in room sensor
  • View maintenance and fault messages for connected boilers
  • Connects via 2-core eBUS cable