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auroTHERM VFK 145 (discontinued)

High efficiency solar thermal flat plate collectors

  • Structured solar glass 3.2mm thick with 91% solar transmission
  • Vertical dimensions in mm: L 2033 x W 1233 x H 80
  • Horizontal dimensions in mm: L 1233 x W 2033 x H 80
  • Vertical and horizontal panels weight: 38kg


Attention: This product is now discontinued.

Solar water heating systems use solar panels fitted to the roof. They collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder.

Virtually every Vaillant solar domestic hot water system starts with roof-mounted collectors that heat solar liquid. auroTHERM VFK 145 range of flat plate collectors featured toughened 3.2mm solar glass and a simple panel design that can be specified for any on-roof, in-roof or using flat roof configuration.