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auroSTOR 500 litre twin coil cylinder

Large capacity cylinder for use with heat pump and solar thermal systems

  • Large diameter, smooth coil technology
  • Factory fitted T&P valve
  • Single guarantee for all components
  • Global Warming Potential less than 5 and ozone depletion of 0


The large capacity 500 litre twin coil cylinder has been specifically designed to support various renewable products including auroTHERM, flexoTHERM and aroTHERM. The 500 litre twin coil cylinder utilises two smooth coils to ensure a quick heat recovery and prolonged life, due to its automatic de-scaling properties.

This large capacity commercial cylinder has a multitude of accessories to complete the Vaillant system including a choice of unvented cylinder kits and a compatible expansion vessel.



Technical dataUnitCommercial twin coil cylinder
Article number 010019234
Total tank capacityl541.4
Actual capacity (without coil volume)l510.0
Hot water capacity / draw off*l248.0/438.0
Standby losseskWh/24h2.6
Coil Surface area2.3 (upper) / 1.0 (lower)
Coil rating at 80°C flowkW35 (upper) 19.2 (lower)
Outer diameter with insulationmm785
Height with insulationmm1.9
Net weight empty cylinderkg155
Weight of filled cylinderkg705
Cold and hot water connectionsBSP female1 ½“
Coil connectionsBSP female1”
Secondary circuit connectionBSP female¾“