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St. Andrews, Fife

Property type:

Four bed, three bathroom detached property built in 2003


Heating and hot water

Technology used:

1 x 10kW aroTHERM plus air source heat pump, 1 x Heat pump interface, 1 x 100 litre buffer, 1 x Plate heat exchanger & 1 x VRC 700


Renewable Clean Heat


The Morrow Family

The Challenge

When the Morrow family needed to replace their 20-year-old Vaillant boiler they looked to modernise their home using a renewable solution. As eco?conscious homeowners who had already installed Solar PV, storage batteries and owning an electric car, the Morrow family were adamant about moving away from fossil fuels even though the property was located on the gas grid. An air source heat pump was the most viable option when considering greener alternatives with the added incentive of being eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and a boiler replacement grant.

With confidence in the previously owned boiler, the Morrow family requested another Vaillant heating system. Renewable Clean Heat specified the aroTHERM plus for it’s excellent Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) and green credentials.

The Solution

Upon completing a site survey, it was recommended that six existing radiators within the home were upsized to support the heat loss calculations at 55°C flow temperature for the heating to achieve the desired home comfort.

Furthermore, thanks to the properties of the natural refrigerant used within the heat pump, Renewable Clean Heat were able to set the aroTHERM plus to run at 75°C for the weekly legionella cycle.

After installing the aroTHERM plus, the Morrow family now uses the energy produced by the solar PV to reduce the average running costs for electricity to just £0.03 per kWh. Living a greener lifestyle was key for the Morrow family which was made possible by their brand new aroTHERM plus system, ensuring maximum efficiency and a low impact on CO2 emissions.

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