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Vaillant partnerships helps Gasway take green mainstream

Amidst growing debate around how we tackle the climate challenge, a unique partnership between Vaillant and Gasway has demonstrated the importance of innovation and collaboration in helping the industry achieve its carbon neutral future.


Founded in 1982, Gasway is one of the largest heating company in East Anglia with a proven track record, delivering excellence in heating systems including domestic gas, renewables and commercial heating.

In 2016 the business was acquired by the Flagship Group, the region’s largest housing association, with a focus on leveraging the heating expertise needed to deliver its ethos to ‘lead the way in solving the housing crisis in the East of England’.

As part of the process, it was vital to have a leading heating manufacturer on board to meet the full heating specification requirements for the Flagship Group, while also enabling Gasway to continue to serve the private market.

Why Vaillant?

Andy Merrill, senior contracts manager at Gasway commented: “Based on the existing relationship and the value that Vaillant can offer on a project, the decision was made to continue the relationship when we merged with the Flagship Group. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable, and their training is second to none – but more than that it's about the level of support and aftercare you get. With Vaillant, it’s just a quick call and they’ll send an engineer out as soon as possible. It goes without saying that Vaillant’s product quality is exceptional too.

It was this solid working relationship between Vaillant and Flagship Group, that made the company’s move to focus on renewable technologies straightforward.

Andy continued “Not too long after the initial Gasway acquisition, we were starting to look at the business’ transition to low carbon heating and identifying the most suitable supplier to support us.

“Again, Vaillant was the perfect fit. It was important for us to trust that the products would deliver the efficiencies we were looking for. As this is still a relatively new area for us, knowing we would be supported with expert advice, bespoke training, system designs and technical consultancy, as well as customer service, were all just as important in making the transition as hassle-free as possible. In our industry this peace of mind is priceless.”


Fast forward five years, and the long-term partnership is continuing to play a key role in supporting Gasway as it delivers on the Flagship Group’s progressive commitment to improving the lives of social housing tenants with energy-efficiency improvements.

Last year alone the Flagship Group invested £2million in improving its homes through a series of energy efficiency measures – including 400 low carbon heat pump systems. Here, Vaillant’s foresight and knowledge have played a key role in ensuring the successful installation and use of these heat pump systems across its portfolio.

Andy comments: “Sustainability remains a key concern across the entire industry. By its very nature though, retrofitting an air source heat pump in a mid-terrace social housing property can be more challenging than a well-insulated, private new build.

“Therefore, having Vaillant on board from the initial specification and planning phases through to installation has been invaluable – not just in delivering on expertise but providing bespoke solutions to our exact requirements.

“The education of the end user also needs to be taken into account when adopting new technologies too. Although heat pump technology is not new, it’s widescale use is, so there is still a huge learning curve to overcome.

“The good news is that we get a lot of support from Vaillant via a wealth of information, content and videos which we use to educate tenants about the technologies and instil confidence about the new heating system they will be using.”

Innovation and collaboration

Andy adds: “We also have some exciting collaborative projects in the pipeline designed to support low carbon take up, including a more concerted focus on training and apprenticeships.

“Ultimately, the low carbon heating challenge is complex and one which will not be achieved by a silver bullet solution. It will require a multi-technology approach, from the integration of renewables, hydrogen, solar and even solutions which haven’t yet emerged. While the industry is certainly heading in the right direction, we still have a long way to go. Working with our long-term partner and technology leader, Vaillant, means we can continue to help advance our sector whilst meeting customer demand. We know Vaillant is forward thinking and are already working on future heating solutions that will ultimately help futureproof our business.”

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