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East Street, Epsom

Project Background

Property type:

Multi-storey building of 10 luxury apartments


Provide a highly efficient domestic hot water solution

Technology used:

10 x aroSTOR 200 litre domestic hot water heat pump


Shanly Homes

The Challenge

When Shanly Homes were looking for a standalone hot water solution to meet SAP requirements for their new build apartment complex, they turned to Vaillant for a solution which could meet their specification needs and support their sustainability goals for the project.

The developer was keen to use more sustainable energy to power all aspects of home comfort including the use of electric boilers for central heating.

Shanly Homes still needed a hot water solution which could efficiently achieve the domestic hot water demands and could be used independently during the summer months when central heating isn’t required. The Vaillant aroSTOR domestic hot water heat pump, provided the perfect solution for the project.

The Solution

As one of the few manufacturers capable of delivering a domestic hot water heat pump solution, the developer opted to work with Vaillant to design a system which could achieve the 10% reduction in carbon emissions required under planning permission. By using the aroSTOR, it’s efficiency credentials reduce the dwelling emission rate (DER) in SAP, making it possible for the complete energy solution to pass efficiency requirements.

aroSTOR heat pumps use a natural refrigerant, R290, which has an incredibly low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3 and gives excellent performance for water heating. It can deliver up to 60°C hot water without any need for a back-up heater whilst still providing strong efficiency levels.

Additionally, the aroSTOR has WRAS approval which ensures that it complies with Water Supply Regulations, giving further peace of mind about the manufacturing quality and standards of the unit.

After installing the aroSTOR, the apartment complex now benefits from a sustainable hot water solution which meets SAP and building regulation requirements whilst ensuring that homeowners receive the highest level of hot water comfort possible through sustainable means.

Additionally, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their energy costs will be kept to a minimum and will have independent control of their hot water.

Why Vaillant?

Elisabete Pereira, Technical Co-ordinator, at Shanly Homes says: “Shanly Homes take our responsibilities for the environment seriously and aim to incorporate the latest technology to conserve natural resources. Vaillant provides Shanly Homes with innovative and quality products; together we design highly efficient heat pump systems to cover the wide range of solutions required for our development projects.”