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Bourne Grammar School, Lincolnshire

Building type:

Academy school with Sixth form


More efficient heating and hot water system

Technology used:

3 x ecoTEC plus 120kW wall-hung condensing boilers

1 x VCR 103 inline cascade rig with hydraulics

2 x PHE C 720 plate heat exchanger

1 x 600 litre high recovery cylinder

Contractor: Vanguard Heating & Plumbing

Consultant: Glevum Heating, Gloucester

Client: Bourne Grammar School

Founded in 1636, top performing Academy Bourne Grammar School required a more efficient heating and hot water system to replace their ageing Hoval boilers on the site they’ve occupied since 1921.

Vaillant were selected to deliver a new system comprising of three ecoTEC plus 120kW boilers, incorporating all the same high performance and efficiency features as its smaller domestic counterparts, together with a Vaillant VCR-103 inline boiler mounting frame with hydraulics and insulation for ease of installation.

Using the Vaillant 200mm Cascade Polypropylene flue system made light work of flueing the boilers inside the plant room and Vaillant’s 200/300mm stainless steel façade flue outside.

To safeguard the new boilers from any dirt or debris which may be left in the old pipe work, a Vaillant PHE C 480-90 floor-standing plate heat exchanger was used to separate the old system water from the new boilers.

The plate heat exchanger operates by separating the boiler water from the system water and is particularly beneficial for older applications where the systems cannot be pressurised. This ensures maximum efficiency from the boilers for their complete lifetime as using a plate heat exchanger will not only protect the boiler but also minimise possible downtime.

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