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We attend the Heat Pump Summit to help drive forward heat pump uptake

On Wednesday 10th of April, we were proud to sponsor the inaugural Heat Pump Summit at the University of Oxford

New for 2024, the Heat Pump Summit brought leaders across the industry together to discuss the current challenges with the adoption of low carbon heating technology. With the aim to propel heat pump interest in the UK, manufacturers, associations, installers and councils all took part in a variety of panel discussions throughout the day to highlight the key areas needing attention.

Vaillant was delighted to be hosting it’s own panel with Mark Wilkins, Technologies and Training Director as the panel host. Discussing the skills gap in the heat pump sector, he was joined by Charlotte Lee, CEO of the HPA, Lee Tilbury of Neater Heat and Ian Rippin, Chief Executive of MCS.

With thanks to the organisers, watch how the discussion unfolded below.