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Mark Wilkins, Technologies and Training Director, comments on the Hydrogen Strategy

Mark Wilkins, Technologies and Training Director comments on the Government’s release of the hydrogen strategy, “Today’s long-awaited hydrogen strategy is welcomed by the heating industry, green gas will play an important role in decarbonising heat in buildings and achieving net zero targets around the UK. Introducing up to 20% hydrogen gas into the wider natural gas network is a positive first step to begin the UK’s hydrogen journey and this strategy provides key milestones to build the network progressively up to 100% hydrogen. Currently, there are 26million homes in the UK, so during this decade trials and testing are fundamental processes in order to achieve our decarbonisation goals. The 2030s will begin wider rollouts and further trials but as outlined in the strategy the hydrogen transition may take several decades. We fully support hydrogen as a heating solution and are developing hydrogen-ready appliances ahead of the Government’s strategic decision on the role of hydrogen for home heating to be taken by 2026.

“The fact remains that climate change is happening now, so at Vaillant, we believe there will be no silver bullet solution and there will be a mix of technologies to help reduce emissions. Heat pumps are a tried and tested, alternative low carbon heating solution that is available today. Whilst we are working with the industry to bring hydrogen solutions for home heating, homeowners, installers and housebuilders should look to start their decarbonisation journey with heat pumps. In September, we are eager to see more clarity on heat pump funding and hydrogen within the long-awaited Heat and Buildings Strategy. We look forward to continuing to support the Government in achieving the UK’s ambitious net zero targets.”

18th August 2021