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Future Homes Standard Response

This week the Government's response to the Future Homes Standard was announced, Mark Wilkins Technologies & Training Director comments:

“Vaillant welcomes the long-awaited response to the UK Government’s Future Homes Standard consultation. Vaillant is particularly pleased to see the interim Part L uplift in June 2022 that seeks to produce 31% less CO₂ emissions compared to current standards. Although the existing housing stock is diverse and will therefore require different types of low carbon solutions, there is no better time to build zero-carbon ready homes. But the Government's timescales of further consultation in 2023, legislation in 2024 and implementation in 2025 leave very little time for the industry to find the best recipe for zero-carbon ready homes.

“It’s encouraging that local authorities will retain the power to set energy efficiency standards for their planned new homes. However, we need to ensure that all those living in private and local authority new homes have the lowest possible fuel bills both now and in the future, we therefore welcome the fabric first approach to reduce heating demands.

“Considering the recent 10-point plan and Energy White Paper recommending accelerating the use of hydrogen in heating, we would expect hydrogen emission factors to be available within future versions of SAP as early as possible. This would encourage the industry to model the deployment of new build hydrogen towns in the future. We also call for the gas infrastructure to be included in new build developments to give the consumer the choice between electric and hydrogen heating in the future. Furthermore, future proofing all homes with low carbon, low temperature heating systems sets the foundations for savings, but there needs to be a heat source agnostic approach for new build and existing homes and the focus should be on a 50°C mean water temperature which will guarantee a robust design and life time savings.”