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Vaillant Comments on the UK’s New Target to Slash Emissions by 78%

This week the Prime Minister announced another stepping stone to the UK’s net zero target; to reduce carbon emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. Mark Wilkins, Director of Technologies and Training comments:

“We welcome this bold and ambitious target from the UK Government. Climate change is a huge concern and we need to work together to ensure we strive to reduce our carbon emissions. In the UK we know that 31% of household emissions comes from central heating, so as a leading manufacturer of heating and hot water solutions, we need to take action now for a more sustainable future.

“It is crucial that the Government ensures the eagerly anticipated Heat and Buildings Strategy aligns with this new announcement in order to help us reach various other targets such as 600,000 heat pump units in 2028. We are already working with trade associations to develop new training courses, but we still need a way to encourage installers to upskill and increase the awareness amongst consumers. Moving towards this new target, there is now a real opportunity to introduce stable, longer term incentives and clearly defined communication channels to educate homeowners on low carbon solutions. We look forward to receiving further details on the 78% carbon emissions reduction and working with the Government and trade associations to help successfully deliver on this agenda.”